The Hardwick Arms Hotel
The Hardwick Arms Hotel

Our prices and offers

This is an excerpt from our standard price list as well as our current special offers, which allow you great price benefits.

Other prices at a glance

 Room category Full price Discount  
 Single room      ( room  only)   £65 £40


 Twin   room       ( room only)   £95  £60  
 Double room    (room only)   £95 £60  


To make a reservation:

Just call us on 01740 622305or make a reservation online using our reservation form.

Book your room

11.00 AM - 10.00 PM


Please call us on:

01740 622305




Check-Out  11.00 AM



Check-In    15.00 PM or 3.00 PM






The Hardwick Arms Hotel


1  North End  



Co. Durham

TS21 2AZ



Close to A19, A1, Sedgfield race course and Durham city.


Offers for the coming season

We have put together a range of interesting new offers for you. Take a look at the details under prices and offers or contact us directly.

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